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bellaBella is a border terrier who is aged 10months old she lives in Kingsthorpe in Northampton. The consultation was a puppy one to one. I was called to help with loose lead walking and dog separation anxiety. When attending a behaviour consultation like this it was important to evaluate the extent of how much Bella was under anxiety and stress as the owners left her. So I first asked Adam to leave the property and it was a matter of a few seconds when Bella was starting to whimper and whine, and attempting to look out the window by taking to high ground which in this case was the sofa. This behaviour lasted a few minutes then dissipated away.

 But its important to understand that what you can see doesn’t always reflect the way the dog is feeling inwardly. After a few minutes Adam returned and it was the turn of Naomi to leave and for me to evaluate how much this would cause Bella to exhibit stress and anxiety. Again the same behaviours were exhibited by Bella, but with more intensity. So once the owners had warmed up from there little journeys away from the property, it was important for me to explain how and why Bella was exhibiting this behaviour.

Dog separation anxiety can be very complex to resolve and the reasons for this are that there are many driving factors which have to be addressed as well. I like to talk through the dog psychology and trigger points which have contributed to Bella the border terrier puppy all ready starting to exhibit a level of stress of dog separation anxiety. I don’t rush this part and like to thoroughly answer as many questions that come up as the dog consultation goes along. For any owners to resolve the issues in their dog its really important they get a thorough understanding on how to change and resolve this behaviour.

Now it was time to go for a walk so I could evaluate the loose lead walking issues. Border terriers are very excitable and a fun breed, and this means that they can quickly go to excitement easily prior to walking. The first walk was to see how the equipment the owners were using was affecting or contributing to this behaviour problem. It was obvious from the outset that it wasn’t just the equipment setup and that their was a lot of leadership issues which was contributing to her pulling constantly on the lead. Now you might be thinking well border terrier, pulling issues it doesn’t matter because border terriers are a small breed. Well it is about being consistent when it comes to dogs and this was definitely not happening. Bella was crying out for leadership in her life and my role was to help point this out to her owners.

The treatment plan was left to follow, and the practising of techniques for the walk and a suggested different dog lead setup. The owners are currently working on the advice and I am awaiting the update soon. If you think you could do with some help with your dogs separation anxiety then why not sign up to my online service here or book a one to one with myself.

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