Owning more than one dog can be difficult at the best of times, but it can become difficult and stressful when any of the dogs within a dog pack takes a dislike to each other using dog aggression.

When this happens, often other members of the pack will join in causing a heightened frenzy of dog behaviours especially if you own more than two in your family dog pack, this can take time part and sort. This is what I call a unstable pack situation.

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There are many supporting triggers for dogs who live with each other. One being sibling rivalry where two dogs from the same litter cannot work out the hierarchy.

Get a clear understanding of what is the problem

Other factors can be dominance, fear related issues and others. I will quickly help you identify the supporting triggers and factors.

Some examples of what causes these problems

It can take a situation like a dog becoming stressed on sight of another. This often builds up to aggression and then before you know it, you find your own dogs fighting.

This will then generally escalate into a fight between your own dogs, resulting in one dog becoming fearful of the other. This may not be the only reason to why you have a dog behaviour pack problem though, as many of my dog behaviour cases can testify!

Another reason for a trigger of aggression is when you introduce another dog into your home environment. Character and temperament of the dogs will play a huge part. This is usually When two people meet and bring their existing dogs to live together, or re-home or rescue another dog. This can prove very challenging and surface many conflicts into the dogs mind causing friction and dog aggression.

Removing or re-homing! Try our solutions first

This can be incredibly stressful when your own dogs that fight with some unpredictability, this will often end up with one of the dogs being separated by either stair gates, or closed in other rooms or even dog creates. Making dog owning incredible complicated.

Understanding why your dog/s use aggression is critical

Although for majority of cases like this, it’s relatively same as the dog on dog aggression consultation, however there has to be some Subtle other strategies implemented if balance and order are to be resumed. Importantly it will take a lot of patience and consistency from all the family.

Find the underlying cause

What can further complicate this upsetting problem is that there may be no indication of a trigger, well what is oblivious to the you the dog owner. Taking the history could reveal some triggers, but it can take a trained eye to see what is really lying beneath the surface for the dog aggression.

Making changes

If you are going to succeed in dampening down the dog aggression, you and the family will have to make some changes.

Owning more than one dog means you have to change the way you communicate as a owner a family. Being responsible for several dogs takes dog owning onto another level.

Not all dogs accept being in a pack

Although dogs are pack animals, there is some evidence to point to that dogs will not just be contented or happy for being put into the company of another dog.

Some dogs do find it incredibly difficult to accept another dog, and this is why it’s essential to follow guidance and a professional leadership programme to restore harmony.