Being a child and growing up with dogs prepared me to become a professional dog behaviourist. Along with some opportunities to help dog owners and friends back in 2009.  

My journey to dog behaviourist had started. With many hours of study and hundreds of dogs handled, I have become very knowledgeable and experienced of dogs.

Translating information from books to your own dog problems can be difficult

Knowledge gained from dog training books will help, it did for me. Translating the information to your own dog problems can be difficult though, and can lead to further problems arising. It’s this misinterpretation of the correct diagnosis that usually stands in the way of altering and changing the bad behaviours. In my early life this was true for me too.

You may have run out of ideas

It’s the trial and error techniques that will eventually make dog owners realise that professional help is needed. In my opinion it can take around 7 years of study and experience to gain an extensive knowledge of canines. This also includes understanding the supporting triggers, and how our own relationships on dogs can affect their behaviour too. Who said dog owning was easy?

I really know now what works and what doesn’t!

The valuable learning blocks of trial and error techniques where eliminated years ago when I was young and inexperienced. I really do know what works and what doesn’t! My undertaking of professional studies has proved this and taken my knowledge to higher levels. However I can’t be thankful enough that I was given opportunities to handle dogs so young.

Trying to find a old family dog again may lead to thinking how good your parents were at raising a good dog! 

Family dogs were easier to handle. I now realise that this was surely down to my family creating balanced dogs. As a child you take for granted the work your parents put into having a great family dog! 

I’ve made mistakes so you don’t have to

When I was young I would make horrendous mistakes with the family dogs like, imposing myself onto them when in fact they didn’t want attention at times. I would give a slack lead when you shouldn’t, I released a three legged whippet I walked as a child without thought to recall. The dog always came back though, phew..! I could go on and on about the mistakes I have made. However  if it wasn’t for the mistakes, I wouldn’t be able to offer a professional dog training service today! I definitely know where those mistakes will lead too though!

A natural way or a very adaptive way. You can choose!

A lot of what I did as a child growing up to be a teenager with dogs came from the influences (being guided by family on the do’s and don’ts with dogs) Some however came natural, and not once did I challenge in my mind to not see through with my gut feeling. I never considered the consequences of my actions! I was just so happy to see a difference. Often owners will describe me as having a natural way with dogs. I believe it is more down to responding to what the dog is communicating and adjusting my approach to suit.

There is no grief like loosing a family dog, I know!!

At the time or writing this I am the proud owner of four dogs currently, who are ageing and for some coming to the end of their life. This is the sad reality of owning dogs. However I am so thankful for the experience and I will make sure the legacy of each and every one lives on, it has so far! RIP Coco, forever missed.

To become very knowledgeable I believe you should have or owned a pack of dogs consisting of 4 or more at one time!

Getting back to the positives, my dogs have provided me another level of learning, a learning that no professional body can teach you of how to keep balance between multi dogs.

This has given me such an advantage over many other dog behaviourists. I took what I knew and the experience of living alongside my dogs in such a small proximity, and shared it with a open heart into all my dog work. To be a dog behaviourist I believe you should have owned more than 4 dogs within a pack at the same time in your life so that you can truly understand the pack mentality.

The insight of a female dogs mind is important to learn

Then recently I became the proud owner of a bitch, this too has provided me a great insight to the maternal mind of a female dogs and the challenges of owning a bitch can bring.

Dogs make us obessive

Owning several dogs at once made my obsession grow. I became obsessive about studying them. I studied their every communication and made notes on the postures and vocals when certain situations would arise.

It came to a point where I was predicting the next move from the dogs, it became very addictive and as my knowledge grew the world of dog behaviour opened up more.

Dog behaviour consultations or 121 dog training grew with demand, you can see for yourself the result of all that hard work and study before you.

Accredited through the CIDBT

The hard work didn’t stop there though. I started studies with the CIDBT (Cambridge Institute of dog behaviour and training) I also started reading objectionable and thought provoking books on canine behaviour, some I dismissed though, especially the “alpha myth.” Some gave me clarity like “John Bradshaw” In the defence of dogs. Others like Bruce Fogle “the dogs mind” gave me the biology and confirmation and understanding. However not everyone will share the same beliefs on dog training.

There is lots of bad information on dog training. Don’t let your dog be exposed to bad practices

I took the information that stuck with my ideology and discarded others through myth busting using my own dogs or by knowing what works and what doesn’t.

With this information I created specific leadership programmes to help dog owners with specific issues. In so doing more testimonials followed.  Now you have the chance to learn my knowledge and resolve your dog problems.

Testimonials count for everything 

I still needed confirmation that my own ideology worked though. The studies under the CIDBT confirmed this and the growing testimonials from dog owners I have helped. This gave me a huge amount of satisfaction, and passion. 

Always studying

I believe I have a very high level of canine understanding, my studies have proved this. However I still today question others methods and ways if I feel they don’t fit into how a dog learns using my way. Studies continue. This is so I can modify my current good dog behaviour plans if and when discoveries happen that would help speed up a correction of a dogs behaviour. You can never stop learning about dogs as I have already said.

Taking my role very seriously  

My professional role as a dog behaviourist is to constantly learn, adapt and to ensure good ethical dog training techniques are being carried out for the good of the dog. I do this, so I can help pet dog owners achieve.

Passionate is a understatement!

I have made a life long commitment to the dog and to owners too. I have made it my purpose to understand the dog to be able to read every communication it does, to understand it’s intentions and pack mentality. To recognise a stress response from natural response, but above all to make sure that dog owning is balanced in all a areas. There is no better relationship with your dog, than one which is balanced!

So that was little history on me and how I believe I am able to help you. I hope you enjoy my website and thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you if you consider this to be the dog behaviour service for you, with the right approach and philosophy.

I do believe we share one thing in common even if you think this service isn’t for you. And that is ” Its all about the dog and wanting the best for our dogs”

Chris Rose
Professional, committed and passionate about dogs