Setting the foundation in obedience and control of your pet gun dog

The natural instincts of a gundog is to retrieve and hunt. However all to often I witness pet gundogs that are, under stimulated and out of control in rural or park areas, chasing and hunting squirrels, birds, and pigeons. let alone the other animals found in the wild like muntjacs, rabbits, pheasants and hares. This effective training class will teach you all you need to get started in having a well trained  gun dog.

These sessions are on a 121 basis consisting of 4 x 1hr sessions. Booked around your availability 


Hardingstone Village Hall

This course doesn’t just provide the foundation to gaining ideas on how to have fun on your walk with your dog, like retrieving balls etc. I will also provide you training on recall and walking to heel off lead too. Full details below on course content.

How I train dogs in the class is through patience, fun, repetition and consistency, and by using dogs attending the class to demonstrate my training methods to help owners reach their goals,

Equipment required for this class

  • Dog must have suitable collar, lead or other setup with ID tag (No flexi leads)
  • Handler provides suitable food treats and dog safe toy
  • Handler to provide poop bags
  • Whistle (ACME 210 1/2)
  • Long line
  • Oversized tennis ball or retrieving dummy

The classes performed in a relaxed manner to ensure you and your dog get the best out of the training

Week 1 – How to achieve walking to heel and Introduction to stay

Some gundog breeds prove more challenging to train to walk to heel. With this in mind I will help look at your current level and suggest changes where necessary to help you achieve. other exercises will focus on stay work and introduction to the high loft command for retrieving.

Week 2 – Whistle training for stay and recall

To have control over your dog at distance to prevent them from chasing or performing unwanted behaviours, its essential to be able to make them sit or down and stay to a whistle command. Its also important to have a reliable recall to a whistle command as well. This is a key foundation training before going onto the next level.

Week 3 – introduction to more challenging retrieves and distance control and off lead heel work

In week 1 we looked at heel work. I will introduce you to a exercise that encourages your dog to start to heel by your side off lead, its a training hack that is so simple to use. A range of training exercises to encourage control at distance and  a revisit to stay to whistle command. Finishing the class of with the introduction to blind retrieving and introduction to the release command and game over command.

Week 4 – Distance control is essential and recapping the essentials

Week 2 focussed on whistle work. Lets recap this. I want you to progress onto my high obedience gun dog training level 2 course of classes. other exercises will focus on control at distance for putting the dog in to the down and retrieving to handler.