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Raising The Perfect Puppy

PuppymixobservingMy name is Chris Rose, Professional dog trainer, dog whisperer and canine behaviourist. I have built up a reputation on recommendations by vets, clients and other industry dog related services and more. I have carefully formulated this dog training package called "raising the perfect puppy" to assist you in dealing with and solving puppy problems, but more importantly knowing how to do things correctly.

Nipping, mouthing, toilet training, whinning when left, destructive behaviours. Raising the perfect puppy provides the essential knowledge for getting it right from the start

All my personal consultations I attend. I witnessed dog behaviours that with the right professional guidance at puppy stage could of been avoided if owners had booked this "raising the perfect puppy " There are 2 golden opportunities that are like open windows as your puppy grows. Ignoring these windows can have a devastating affect on a puppies development. Learn how to avoid this happening with my carefully formulated puppy programme. We all want our dogs grow up being well behaved, beautiful and great in public, don't we? You have a great chance don't miss out! You can start with the essential puppy socialisation by attending my puppy training classes or coming along to our fun puppy playgroup.


Starting from £130 for a professional 121 home puppy training and behaviour solutions 


Essential areas covered during the consultation

  • Fast track toilet training
  • The benefits of crate training
  • Diet and good food manners
  • Recall - coming when called
  • Sit, stay and down training
  • Walking to heel
  • How to successfully socialise your puppy
  • How to de-sensitise your puppy to, for example, vacuum cleaners and car travel
  • Protecting your puppy from being traumatised by e.g. other humans and dogs
  • Accustoming your puppy to being handled
  • Bad behaviour management and prevention e.g. jumping up, mouthing, play biting and chewing


Nationwide service

I cover the whole of the UK including Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire to name a few. My mileage charges are very competitive than most other dog trainers or dog behaviourists, so why not get your FREE no obligation quote if you live outside the county of Northamptonshire.

Support until your puppy reaches adocelents  (24 weeks)

 After care is provided either over the phone, through email or text. What ever suits you best. I like to receive regular updates so I can assist you in the re-training process of your puppy. However I strongly recommend booking a folllow up visit to help with assisting to change your puppy's behaviour.


Recommendations and testimonials are the foundation of my work

Hi Chris, you saw me and Tess the puppy collie on Monday. Just to let you know things are going really well, we made all the changes you suggested and she is responding really well. My husband couldn't believe it was the same dog when he got home! 

I have built up a reputation on recommendations by vets and clients. Read more testimonials here.