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Same Dog Litter Problems-Aggression

Sibling rivalry is where two dogs from the same litter cannot work out their hierarchy position, using dog aggression towards each other to try and stake their position who is higher. This can intensify with age, resulting often in high veterinary bills.

Most common way of dog owners find themselves with sibling rivalry is when going to go view a puppy, only to find that there are only two puppies left, leaving the emotional feeling of leaving one behind unbearable, resulting in two puppies coming home instead of one. Sound familiar?

Dog training with two from the same litter can be difficult

Although on the face of it, this decision seems very logical and no more stressful than raising one puppy, it can though have a impact later on the dogs behaviour and training in obedience. Careful attention is required with all aspects of dog training, when owning two dogs from the same litter.

Raising two from the same litter can create conflicts

There is a common knowledge among dog owners in the field of gun dog training, experienced dog owners and industry professionals, that raising two from the same litter can create more conflicts and behaviour problems all the way through the life stages of the dogs. However on many cases this theory has been proved wrong with the right guidance implemented.

Avoid re-homing

The thoughts of re-homing one of the pups or dog may have come to thought, but it doesn’t have to come to that, recognising behaviours and responding correctly to eliminate sibling rivalry from escalating from puppy stage is the key. If the dogs are in adolescent stage, 24 weeks and above then, then creating balance now is very crucial as the dogs approach adulthood because it will only get worse.

Behaviours and interactions that are causing more harm between the dogs can often be often overlooked especially when it comes to play! I have hundreds of dog cases that have proved that no knowing when to stop interactions at the right time can cause extreme aggression problems.

So you have probably ….

Exhausted every means to resolve your issues. There is still one left!

You may have read books, searched tirelessly the internet, been given advice from other dog owners or already tried a dog training company/s to resolve your presiding issue/s in this area/s. As frustrating as this maybe we feel very strongly that we can still help!

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Chris Rose is a dedicated, professional who is passionate about dogs. Chris Rose has truly has made significant differences in a dog/s where others have failed. His work with dogs has made him a standout dog trainer and quite possibly one of the leading dog experts in the UK, or Great Britain.