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Master Class In Loose Lead Walking and Dog Recall

Effective loose lead, and dog recall training techniques and solutions with a 121

learn the essential dog training techniques for controlling your dog on a walk and recalling back to you. If your dog is exhibiting behaviours like though:

  • Lunging towards other dogs
  • Barking on sight of dogs
  • Hackles raised
  • Fearful or anxiousness behaviours

These are some of the indicators that your dog has more deep seated issues other than just a loose lead or dog recall training problem. These will require professional and expert guidance separately from just training your dog in loose lead or coming back when called!

Unsure which dog training behaviour consultation is more appropriate to your circumstances and concerns, give us a call on 07917164402 for expert help and guidance.

Satisfied that your dog hasn’t any dog aggression or anxiousness, then a loose lead training 121 training is probably all you require.

Every owner wants their dog to heel!

All you have craved recently is a enjoyable dog walk, not really wanting your dog to walk exactly by your side, but to walk with you without pulling your arm off, or having to use force to control your dog, with constant ‘jerks to heel’ techniques. It could be that you are just seeking clarification on performing the right training techniques for loose lead and dog recall.

Dog recall problems can leave owners feeling frustrated during the walk and at the end by spending any amount of time calling your dog back to you without much success to get them back on lead or in the car, finally though the dog will respond and allowing you both to return home, longer that you wanted to be. The list of solutions you may tried have included:

  • Shouting
  • Lots of arm waving
  • Running and hiding
  • Telling the dog you will leave them at the park
  • Bribing with lots of treats

These two areas of dog obedience are the core to dog owning and can be easily achieved with most breeds by conducting regular training sessions from puppy stage onto the first year of your dogs life.

If you haven’t conducted amy formal or recreational dog training for a while in this area of operant conditioning (dog obedience training) to achieve loose lead and dog recall, a professional 121 dog training lesson could turn this all around.

Factors that can affect a poor dog recall:

  • Has developed a strong prey drive
  • Goes seeking out dung and poo
  • Not enough dog training in this area

So you have probably ….

Exhausted every means to resolve your issues!

You may have read books, searched tirelessly the internet, been given advice from other dog owners or already tried a dog training company/s to resolve your presiding issue/s in this area/s. As frustrating as this maybe we feel very strongly that we can still help!

Dog training Northampton testimonials prove our methods work!

We will treat your dog like one of our own!

That's why you will receive a lifetime support for you and your dog.

Even though your main dog training problem is loose lead or Dog recall training! Included in this consultation we will also address any other dog training needs and provide advice for example jumping up, mouthing, attention seeking, ignoring of commands, following around the home, to name the most common.  Read what else a professional consultation with Chris Rose includes

Starting from £100 if you live in a NN post code area. All prices listed here

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Worth remembering or taking note!

Chris Rose is a dedicated, professional who is passionate about dogs. Chris Rose has made significant differences in a dog/s where others have failed. His work with dogs has made him a standout dog trainer and quite possibly one of the leading dog experts in the UK, or Great Britain.