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Dog to dog Aggression

Dog aggression is not for amateurs to cure, but should be left to a fully accredited dog behaviourists to handle. Dog aggression requires a high level of expertise, knowledge and understanding before any attempts be made to rectify it.

Dog aggression has lots of supporting triggers. These triggers have to be determined and acted on or dog owners could easily make things worse or prevent a reduction of the dog aggression, resulting in court action or even worse.

Get professional guidance from a professional

It’s so important that dog aggression is professionally diagnosed, otherwise implementing the wrong techniques could dramatically worsen the intensity of the aggression being displayed.  

Collating as much information about your dogs aggression is so important.  I  will you to fill out a psychological profiling and history taking form. This helps me to identify the supporting triggers and circumstances that encourage the dog aggression.

Seeing gives a true understanding

I always want to see the intensity and actual behaviours being displayed to other dogs. This is so I can correctly diagnose the dog aggression. I will then with complete honesty, transparency and understanding give you an accurate understanding of the realistic chances of stopping, reducing and managing the problem. (No false hopes will be given.)

A professional consultation with Chris Rose will give you transparency and understanding.

Dog aggression can be complex

Stopping dog on dog aggression requires a high level of confidence to assert your authority and take the decision making away from the dog. Don’t worry I will teach you the skills and provide the understanding to do this. The techniques I teach are very affective when applied correctly and at the right time. But patience is going to be needed

There are different types of dog aggression, whether it be towards other dogs that live within the same household or out on the dog walk.  Listed  below are various dog aggression types we get to called to help with.

Dominance aggression

Where a dog will impose themselves onto another dog positively, often not allowing that dog to escape and keep them pinned down as one example.

Fear aggression

A dog can often look positive, but will freeze up tremendously and initiate a attack onto another dog through fear. Nearly all dog to dog aggression cases a fear related.

Inter male aggression

This has a form of dominance to it, where a male dog on sniffing another will become aggressive.

So you have probably ….

Exhausted every means to resolve your issues!

You may have read books, searched tirelessly the internet, been given advice from other dog owners or already tried a dog training company/s to resolve your presiding issue/s in this area/s. As frustrating as this maybe we feel very strongly that we can still help!

Dog training Northampton testimonials prove our methods work!

We will treat your dog like one of our own!

That's why you will receive a lifetime support for you and your dog.

Even though your main dog training problem is Dog to dog aggression! Included in this consultation we will also address any other dog training needs and provide advice for example jumping up, mouthing, attention seeking, ignoring of commands, following around the home, barking issues to name the most common. Any problem is included !

Starting from £270 if you live in a NN post code area. All prices listed here

Worth remembering or taking note!

Chris Rose is a dedicated, professional who is passionate about dogs. Chris Rose has made significant differences in a dog/s where others have failed. His work with dogs has made him a standout dog trainer and quite possibly one of the leading dog experts in the UK, or Great Britain.