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Northampton's first puppy play group packed full of essential puppy socialisation

Sunday puppy play group 11:15 - 12pm  £5 per puppy with £1 of your fee going to the "Guide dogs for the blind". location at the bottom of this article.

Dates, Sunday 3rd, 10th and 17th

Puppy socialisation is really important and I have created this playgroup for puppies so they can continue with their essential social skills so they can grow into a well balanced adult dog. And make lots of puppy friends in Northamptonshire to. Why not look at my puppy socialisation training classes first if your puppy hasn't had any essential training yet, or alternatively my one to one service.


I cannot emphasise the importance of how critical socialisation is for a puppy's development. Socialisation has been proven that it needs to be off lead and for a good amount of time, but not only with other puppies say at a puppy party, or at puppy training classes, but as often as possible and to other real world stimulus's. On lead puppy socialisation is good but not as essential as off lead is.


Puppies that are extremely fearful need a lot of socialisation to gain there confidence, often 4-6 week courses or puppy parties at vets are not enough because of the time that is allocated for off lead puppy socialisation. This then can lead onto intensive unwanted dog behaviours later not only to humans but especially to other dogs. It can take weeks for a puppy who shows signs of fear and nervousness to gain their confidence.

unsure puppy

But we won't be just leaving the puppies to run around having all the fun whilst they Learn their vital social skills. We will at various times introduce other stimulus to give the puppies essential confidence when they face these again in the real world.

These will include
Loud noise desensitisation CD
Staff Walking around with walking aides
Controlled introduction to other popular stimulus
High visual jackets

Some of the above will conducted under a controlled way.

The price for your puppy to join the puppy playgroup is £5 and there is no joining fee. As long as your puppy has its puppy teeth and up to date vaccinations and is under 24 weeks, then they are eligible for this very fun puppy playgroup socialisation class.

Location for Sunday group is:

Hardingstone village hall
High street,