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Puppy Training Venue and Dates - Friday

This is more than just puppy classes ! £85

When can you start

As soon as your vet has given the all clear for your puppy to be allowed outside you can start puppy training classes. We do have a age cut off and that is 24weeks. That's because a dog after 24 weeks is classed as a adolescent until the around 12 months when a dog is an adult. Unlike other classes available we adhere to this because exposing your puppy to older dogs can do more harm than good at this crucial learning age. 

Dates and venue details below

Friday 4th May  19:00-21:00hrs puppy behaviour and training advice seminar 
The REC Centre
Towcester Road
Friday 11th, 18th, 25th MAY 19hrs-20hrs Classes
The REC Centre
Towcester Road
Walk and train Saturday 2nd June 13-14hrs
Delapre Abbey
London Road

£85 for the 5 week course

Payment guarantees your place. We do not accept cash or cheques as payment. Thank you. Payments are non refundable for cancelling or failing to attend!

Bank details as follows. Please check for availability before making payment 

S/c 07-01-16
Acc No 25722365
Please text us when you have transferred your payment with your reference so we use it to correspond with our admin records. Thank you

5 star rated from previous puppy owners!

My training classes are highly sort after and we ask that you only put your name down if you are 100% going to attend. This is so we can continue to provide the highest professional standards in puppy training, and to allow the maximum of people the chance to access this most highly sort after puppy training service in Northampton. The maximum number of puppies we enrol is no more than 8 per class.

Access the most advanced puppy training techniques

When you sign up you will be able to access the most up to date techniques in training and solutions in puppy behaviours. I focus on owners as well as the puppies. All basic obedience training is covered. More importantly it will give your puppy the essential puppy socialisation that is crucial to prevent fear aggression later.

The most highly recommended puppy training in Northampton

This course is not only the foundation to the future of your puppies life, it will also help get your puppy responding to you more. My puppy classes will help you gain an understanding of responsible dog ownership and more importantly the psychology of the puppy training, giving you the understanding what to do when your puppy performs unwanted puppy behaviours too.

Polite notice: Puppy behaviour and training advice seminar is without your puppy!

Equipment and essentials for starting the puppy classes.

1) Puppy has suitable collar, lead or other setup with ID tag (No flexi leads allowed)
2) Handler provides suitable food treats and puppy safe toy
3) Handler to provide poop bags

Hygiene and puppy identification

It is essential that puppy owners demonstrate throughout the course the essential requirement of cleanliness by carrying poop and scoop bags and disposing of them appropriately. (No bins to be used within the premises to dispose of puppy accidents!) Cleaning products will be supplied.

Week 1:

Puppy socialisation  (10mins at the start of the class)

The puppy will continually be monitored during the off lead puppy socialisation phase. Slight shyness, minor fear and playful growling are what some puppies can display during the off lead socialisation. I will provide you with a character and needs for your puppy on what I view during the off lead socialisation.

Puppy responds to his or her name

This will be carried out on lead. If your puppy doesn't respond to their name then as a owner you will find it increasingly frustrating and irritating when trying to gain your puppies attention for training.

Taking food gently

The handler will present a treat for the puppy to take. The puppy should not snatch at the food, but instead take it gently. If, for any reason, the puppy refuses to take the treat an alternative one will be supplied. Techniques will be provided on how to stop snatching.

Demonstration of obedience positions

I will demonstrate on how to perform basic obedience positions with your puppy. Incentives will be used and minor adjustments of the puppy in the positions will be accepted during the course. Obedience positions that the handler will learn with their puppies will be (Sit, Down, Stand and Stay) Week 3 will review the stay.

Puppy play (controlled)

Puppy should demonstrate control when playing with a suitable toy or object that is puppy safe. Whilst the owner is encouraging play with their puppy they should never allow rough play or fighting. Puppy owners should demonstrate they are always in control of the play with their puppy.

Week 2:

Socialisation with other puppies

As previously described above in week 2.

Introduction to loose lead walking

Demonstration by me on how to start performing loose lead walking with your puppy. Top tips and how to avoid vital mistakes will be highlighted. The handler will then put into practise the techniques shown in encouraging their puppy to walk by their side.

Stay for 15 seconds

Adopting any basic obedience position, the puppy should stay for 15 seconds. It is acceptable that the puppy change to a different position during the stay, but it isn't acceptable for the puppy to walk away from the stay.

If time permits we will re-visit training in basic obedience positions

Obedience positions that the handler will learn with their puppies will be (Sit, Down, Stand and Stay) Week 3 will review the stay.

Puppy health check

The ability to examine your puppy for any injury or health problem is a vital daily responsibility. Whilst on lead the handler will demonstrate they are able to examine the puppy without any signs of extreme aggression or fear. Mild fidgeting is acceptable during the vet check.

Puppy play (controlled)

As described in week 2.

Week 3:

Socialisation with other puppies

As previously described above in week 2.

Foundation to recall

Performed at a short distance of a few paces away from the puppy, the handler will be taught on how to start the foundation to the recall. Appropriate encouragement and timing of rewards will be demonstrated. Other exercise will be performed to help demonstrate what you puppy might do if let off the lead and what you can do to achieve a affect recall.   

Puppy play (controlled)

As described in week 2.

Week 4 ( outdoor puppy walk and train class)

Date and time can be found at the top of this article you can also read more about what to expect on the  Puppy walk and Training Class including Socialisation, by following the link. But here it is in brief


  • Obedience covered in weeks 2,3,4
  • Whistle training in areas of 'recall' and the 'stop'
  • Advice on how to overcome challenges when out and about with your puppy
  • Socialisation


Delapre Abbey
London Road

Please bring and consider

Water for your puppy
Suitable footwear as it can get muddy
Camera, as there is a opportunities to get a good pic of your puppy
Poo bags
Long training line