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Professional, fun and effective puppy training classes Northampton

Because your puppy deserves the best!

Fully accredited and Highly professional puppy training  and socialisation classes situated in Northampton

Two course available on Sunday morning and Friday night including puppy behaviour and training advice seminar and a puppy walk and train class at Delapre Abbey! Please note we use different venues for different stages of the course. All venues are within 5mins of each other

5 star rated from previous puppy owners!

My training classes are highly sort after and we ask that you only put your name down if you are 100% going to attend. This is so we can continue to provide the highest professional standards in puppy training, and to allow the maximum of people the chance to access this most highly sort after puppy training service in Northampton. The maximum number of puppies we enrol is no more than 8 per class.

Access the most advanced puppy training techniques

When you sign up you will be able to access the most up to date techniques in training and solutions in puppy behaviours. I focus on owners as well as the puppies. All basic obedience training is covered. More importantly it will give your puppy the essential puppy socialisation that is crucial to prevent fear aggression later.

The most highly recommended puppy training in Northampton

This course is not only the foundation to the future of your puppies life, it will also help get your puppy responding to you more. My puppy classes will help you gain an understanding of responsible dog ownership and more importantly the psychology of the puppy training, giving you the understanding what to do when your puppy performs unwanted puppy behaviours too.

Polite notice: Puppy behaviour and training advice seminar is without your puppy!

When can you start

As soon as your vet has given the all clear for your puppy to be allowed outside you can start puppy training classes. We do have a age cut off and that is 24weeks. That's because a dog after 24 weeks is classed as a adolescent until the around 12 months when a dog is an adult. Unlike other classes available we adhere to this because exposing your puppy to older dogs can do more harm than good at this crucial learning age. 

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