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Dog Pirates - Dog training for the young handler 7-12yrs of age

Young handlers dog training course £65.

Suspended until further notice..!

A deposit of £15 is required to secure your place which is non refundable.   


Dog pirates is aimed at providing a fun learning environment for children aged between 7-12 years of age. Although there can be some degree of flexibility on the age, no children under the age of 7 will be accepted.

The young handler will learn basic dog behaviour and also have the chance to build on previous obedience and learn dog tricks. All handlers should be shadowed by a parent as a supportive role during the course.

The inclusion of play exercises adds an extra dimension to the young handlers knowledge base and learning. Throughout the whole course the underlying theme is to encourage, support and have fun whilst learning.

Course structure

The course is a 4 week programme and broken down into sections. Each week the young handler will encouraged to practice what they have learnt from the course.

The final week "walking the plank" will be a chance for the young handler to demonstrate to an audience of parents, friends and associates the skills and learning with their dog. Treats and prizes will be given throughout the course.


  • All dogs and breeds over 6 months are eligible
  • Any dog that displays lunging, extreme barking or aggression unfortunately cannot participate on this course
  • All dogs should have up to date vaccinations
  • No flexi leads allowed during the training course   

Week 1 The basics in dog handling, knowledge and care. ()Without the dog present

The object of this exercise week is to give the young handler the basic knowledge and understanding in reading a dogs behaviour. Understanding how rewards and different types can help with training. How toys can aid mental stimulation and daily care that a dog requires.

After each subject the young handler will have the chance to play a game based around the learning and small prizes can be won. The following areas will be covered

Dog Communication
A group discussion on reading a dogs behaviour and what to do, and what not to do with their dog

Dog Scent
Learning the importance of a dogs scent and how it aides dogs learning

Dog Toys
Use of toys and types. Also how to keep a dogs focus on toys and when to stop, and what not to do

Good young handler attributes
How dogs learn and getting the best out the dog for teaching obedience and tricks. How to interact appropriately around the family dog.

General care needed for dogs
Daily care needed to help keep a dog balanced.

Week 2 Training obedience in the dog, Pirate style..!

The object of these two weeks, is to start obedience training with the dog. It doesn't matter the age and level the dog might have already. The importance is that the young handler learns how to perform obedience and the correct sequences for success. When a young handler gets their dog to perform obedience for them, it means that they are dominating the dog which in turn can help to instil a hierarchy over the dog. Areas of dog obedience covered will be;

Teaching a sit
Relative easy one and probably most dogs will perform this. However the young handler will learn how to train their dog to sit without giving to much verbal commands.

The down
Again with teaching and demonstration, we will train the young handler on how to perform a down position with relative ease and without to much fuss on how to perform a correct down obedience discipline.

Sit and stay
All performed on lead, the dog pirates team will teach and demonstrate how to get a dog to stay in the sit position. All this will performed on lead and again it's about the young handler building up a relationship and leadership with their family pet dog.

Lets stand
This is a nice show of piece to teach a dog and useful for vet checks and grooming etc. The young handler will learn how to start getting a dog to perform a stand with their dog on command.

Week 3 Trick week..!Us pirates know lots of tricks..! Navigate the pirates course of jumps and tunnels

Everyone likes to teach their dog tricks and we believe children are especially good at doing this. So this week is about learning new tricks.

This week is aimed at letting the young handler show of their skills and obedience learnt with their dog, by navigating a course of jumps and tunnels and obedience stations using the "treasure map of AGILIO". If the young handler is successful with their navigation then treasure may wait their dog.

Week 4 Walking the plank of obedience, best trick and fancy dress..!

Time to shine for everyone my young dog pirates. In an informal way the young handlers will have the chance to show of to parents, friends and any other associates of their skills learnt in training their dog. The young handler will demonstrate in a group situation obedience disciplines, then best trick and then have the chance to show of the dog in best dressed dog pirate. We will finish of with an award ceremony.

The role of the parent is to support and step in when needed to help the child get the best out of the course. It may beneficial to teach your child the verbal and hand signals already being used with the dog, this will aid the training process.

Merchandise can be purchased to complement the course at the venue. Details of merchandise to follow shortly.